Biography of Siniša Maričić, PhD

Born in Skopje, Macedonia, 1926. Moved to Zagreb, Croatia in 1941, where finished schooling. Graduate (1951) of the thence University of Zagreb, Technical Faculty, Department of Chemical Technology. After the initial research in alumina production and a brief spell in industry, joined the Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb. Sent for two years (1955-1957) of specialisation in nuclear magnetic resonance to Leeds University, UK. Ph.D. (1959) at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

After the first research period in structural chemistry by NMR, pursued research into the role of water molecules in biological structures (in the Ruđer Bošković Institute 1955-1964, The University Institute of Biology 1965-1974 and the Institute of Immunology 1974-1978). In 1965-1966 Visiting Research Fellow of the American Heart Association at the Johnson Foundation for biophysics at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA).

Developed a method for studying the structure/function relationship by proton magnetic relaxation in evolutionary distinct haemoproteins (see 076). In 1978 joined the National and University Library in Zagreb, where founded a modern research department/library (see 130). Retired in 1986. Since 1978 active in research about mainstream-peripheral science communication, and in particular evaluation of non-ISI journals, for which developed a methodology (for its start see 080 and for the end see 178).

Served on international associations committees, first for chemistry and later biophysics. First President of the Yugoslav Biophysical Society (1971). Editor-in-chief for several years of the journal Croatica Chemica Acta and Scientia Yugoslavica. 183 papers, about a third in international journals. Served for several years on the International classification Panel for Broad System of Ordering (BSO).
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