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Virtual South Slavic Literature Library is a starting point for readers of on-line South Slavic literature. Spanning the Balkan states of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia and Macedonia (from north to south) by virtue of language similarities, the library does not attempt to follow national borders but builds around a unique author index, underlining in this way the multicultural flair of the region. Please note that Bulgarian literature is not included in this library. For this topic, please consult Slovoto: Virtualna biblioteka za blgarska literatura. SSLL has the following structure:
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Authors' index, from A (Andrić) ... K (Krleža) ... S (Selimović) ... to Ž (Župančič)
Authors' index, leading to on-line texts translated to non-South Slavic languages.
Authors' index, leading to on-line texts encoded in Unicode standard.
On-line collections of South Slavic literature texts.
On-line magazines which contain South Slavic literature texts.
National and University Libraries Bookstores
For the latest additions to the library see the news page. If you do not see the yellow main menu at the top, please go to the frames view. For those wanting to practice South Slavic languages, I recommend the mailing list Mostovi-Bridges. This library tries to be the most comprehensive referral point to on-line accessible South Slavic literature on the Web. It is currently linking to at least 10MB of on-line readable texts distributed in a number of collections and e-zines worldwide.
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