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Born on February 3rd, 1960 in Zagreb, Yugoslavia (now Croatia). From 1978 to 1982 Studied at Electrical Engineering Faculty of Zagreb University (EEF, now FER). Graduated in 1982 with A, majoring in Computer Science.

From 1983 to 1987 I stayed with the Deptartment of Electronics at EEF, as a teaching assistant. While my early research was related to digital control system simulators (a topic of B.Sc. Thesis), later on my main interest was in adaptable software development systems. This has lead to the design and implementation of an adaptable cross-assembler system, capable of supporting several target processors in a uniform way which was almost transparent to user. The system followed the spirit of several IEEE and DIN standards evolving at that time, where I had an active role in the preparation of one. The work on this system has made the core of my M.Sc. theses in Computer Science, completed in 1987 as a part of my postgraduate studies at the same Faculty (obtaining the M. Sc. title [Dipl.Ing.Mag.]. Apart from research, I taught several undergraduate courses at that time: Language Processors and Compilers, Computer Architecture, Impulse and Digital Electronics, Computer Graphics, Introduction to Business Computing.

Wishing to switch towards the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and not having much opportunity to do that at EEF, in 1987 I decided to move to the Computer Science Department of the Military Polytechnic in Zagreb, where I was employed as a lecturer until July 1991. Initially, my research there was oriented towards neural networks (NN) basics. After a period of transition to a new field, a radiographic image processing and preliminary diagnostic system was designed and implemented. It included digital image preprocessing, extraction of heart shape attributes and back-propagation-based heart shape classification. While developing the system, I become acquainted with genetic algorithm (GA) optimization techniques. This lead to the idea of a system for NN design based on GAs. This - at that time - pioneering research lead to my formal enrollment in a PhD program at EEF in 1990, with a suggested PhD theses title: Neural Network Optimization. During that time I was in constant e-mail contact with several USA research groups working on the same problem. In parallel to these research activities, I was involved in development, organization and lecturing of the following two courses: Artificial Intelligence Systems, Introduction to Programming.

I was a member of the International Neural Network Society (INNS) from its early days - since 1988. In 1991/92 I participated in a research project supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia. The project lead by Ph.D. thesis supervisor, Prof. B. Souček of the Mathematical Faculty of the Zagreb University and a Head of IRIS International Center in Bari, Italy, dealt with research of hybrid NN-GA intelligent systems. From late 1991 to early 1993 I actively participated in the work of Integration of Reasoning, Informing and Serving (IRIS) Group's International Center in Bari, Italy.

From October 1991 until present I am with R&D Department of Logistic Management Systems (LMS) Austria - a major european logistics know-how provider and producer of logistics controlling software. There I partly continued my research work on genetic algorithms, neural networks, and forecasting. This has lead to my participation in John Wiley Interscience Sixth-Generation Computer Technology Book Series publishing effort, as well as my activities in the IRIS Group.

Ph.D work is currently abandoned. Although still interested in GAs, NNs, Artificial Life and Chaos Theory, currently turning towards the world of global network applications and services.

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From October 1991 to present:
Project Manager at R&D Dept. of Logistic Management Systems (LMS) Austria. Responsible for new products development in logistic/management area, software libraries development, project production coordination, windows applications development.
In 1990:
Continuation of postgraduate studies towards a Ph.D. by the presentation and formal acceptance of the Ph.D. research entitled: Neural Networks Optimization, at Electrical Engineering Faculty of Zagreb University, with Prof. Branko Souček of Faculty of Mathematics as a Theses supervisor.
From October 1987 to July 1991:
Lecturer at the Computer Science Department of Military Polytechnic in Zagreb. Responsible for the development, organization and lecturing in the following courses: Artificial Intelligence Systems, Introduction to Programming. Main research areas: design methods of ANN systems, genetic algorithms, NN medical applications, image processing. Supervising a number of B.Sc. theses. Giving lectures at International Summer Distance Learning School in Computer Science (sponsored by the Community of Mediterranean Universities), Opatija, Croatia 1989.
In 1987:
Completing M.Sc. Thesis in Computer Science, at the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the Zagreb University.
From January 1983 to October 1987:
Teaching Assistant at the Department of Electronics, Electrical Engineering Faculty of Zagreb University. Participating in the following undergraduate courses: Language Processors and Compilers, Computer Architecture, Impulse and Digital Electronics, Computer Graphics, Introduction to Business Computing. Main research areas: language processors and assemblers, functional characteristics of microprocessors, adaptable software development systems and cross-assemblers, digital control system simulators.
In 1982:
Completing B.Sc. thesis in Electrical Engineering with a major in Computer Science, at Electrical Engineering Faculty of Zagreb University. This Diploma has in the meantime (Nov. 10, 1992, GZ68.114/256-I/B/15/92) been fully recognized by the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research, as corresponding to Austrian Dipl-Ing. (M.Sc. Level) Diploma.

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